Clean Room Primer Silver Sponsor

We all agree it’s time for standards.

Claravine has been on a mission to enable the best brands in the world to create data with integrity since its inception. We’ve started by focusing on media, marketing and content solutions. These represent core customer experience touchpoints and getting these right is something we are passionate about. The cost of delivering poor customer experiences can have devastating consequences to both the brand’s reputation and their bottom line. Additionally, marketing organizations are overwhelmed by the volume and variety of data generated, making it nearly impossible to generate timely and accurate results. We can’t think of a better place to start solving this huge data problem – and it starts with standards.

Our valued current investors including Grayhawk Capital, Next Frontier Capital, Peninsula Ventures, Kickstart Fund and Silverton Partners, saw this early on and helped us tremendously to get to this point. More than just their financial support, they have been trusted advisors and fully supportive believers in our mission.

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