About the Consortium

The Clean Room Consortium supports the media and marketing industries by highlighting and encouraging privacy-safe excellence in the management and use of customer data. Our membership includes leading marketers, publishers, agencies, data providers and platforms with a shared mission to provide the industry with knowledge and best practices for consumer and customer data management.

The Consortium fields critical research, educates the industry, and develops standards for the management of consumer and customer data in a legislatively-compliant way. Clean rooms are just the beginning of providing cross-company data collaboration in a privacy-safe environment.

2022 Participants:
– Rich Sobel, CEO, Marcato Solutions
– Sam Shapiro-Kline, Director of Product Marketing, Identity | Audience | Clean Room, Neustar, Inc.
– John Baronello, VP Digital Transformation, Cardinal Path (Merkle)
– Devon DeBlasio, VP Product Marketing, InfoSum
– Veronica Luik, Director, Strategy and Market Intelligence, LiveRamp
– Michael Shearer, Senior Director of Digital Innovation & Strategy, Claravine
– Brian Silver, Group Vice President, Strategy, Business Development & Operations, Oracle Inc.
– Adam Gelles, CEO, The B2B Marketing Company