Events FAQs

Below are a series of frequently asked questions about the Clean Room Primer Road Show.

  • What if I cannot attend an in-person conference, will there be an option to attend virtually?
    Not at this time. We encourage the connection of in person events among industry leaders.

  • How do I cancel my registration?
    Please notify us at with any cancellations.

  • Can I get a ticket when I get to the event?
    We urge you to reserve your seat ahead of the event via our website. Seats are limited and it will be first come first served. The system will send you a ticket confirmation with QR code. This will serve as your ticket for registration. Please contact with questions.

  • How do I submit a proposal to be a panelist/speaker at the next event?
    Please contact for speaker proposals.

  • Can I see what specific topics will be presented before I arrive?
    Yes all events pages will have a breakdown of the specific event’s agenda and speakers.

If you have any other questions please reach out to us